About Luka Smith

I never really gave much thought to hiring a lawyer until I found myself facing a divorce. Since I knew nothing about the laws regarding spousal support or child custody, I needed someone who could help me make wise decisions. Fortunately, a friend knew a lawyer who specialised in family law and could take on my case immediately.

As I entered that new phase of my life, it was apparent that I needed to take care of a few other issues. That included drafting a last will and testament, and preparing legal documents that would ensure my wishes for health care were carried out if I was unable to make those wishes known. I also needed help in setting up a trust for my children.

As I began to take care of those matters one at a time, I learned a lot about how to find the right lawyer, and what I could do to ensure that everything was prepared to my satisfaction. At times, this was easier said than done, and I did make a mistake or two along the way. I like to think that at this time in my life, I’ve finally figured out how to determine if a lawyer has what I need to manage an essential task.

If you have never hired a lawyer before, stick with me for a few minutes. I’ll share a little of what I’ve learned along the way. My hope is that my experiences will help you avoid the mistakes I made, and make it all the easier to find legal counsel that you will trust and appreciate.