Three Types Of Lawyers You May Wonder About

You hear about many different types of lawyers on television, radio, and billboards. Do you ever wonder, if they’re real lawyers, why do they have to advertise? Are they not reputable enough to not get clients without these dramatic ads? Majority of those lawyers are, in fact, very real lawyers who just happen to specialize in a field of law that the general population isn’t familiar with. The definition of what lawyers do can be so broad that no one lawyer can be a specialist in every field. Here are three types of lawyers that aren’t well-known in most parts of the country.

1. Personal Injury Lawyers: Personal injury lawyers primarily specialize in cases regarding accidents, physician misdiagnosis and malpractice, prescription side effects, and you guessed it, personal injuries. Many times cases involving personal injury lawyers involve lawsuits against insurance companies who represented a person at fault. Personal injury attorneys work for different fees than most lawyers—they only make money if there’s a settlement. Called a contingency fee, personal injury lawyers, such as Law Office of John Lozano, receive a percentage of the amount won in settlement.

This type of lawyer gets a bad rap because of their advertising methods. While some of their commercials may seem cheesy and over-the-top dramatic, some of their clients may not even know they have a case until they see the ad.

2. Entertainment Lawyers: You’ll occasionally read about an entertainment lawyer in a tabloid or celebrity magazine. For those of us from small towns where little goes on, we wonder if that’s a real kind of lawyer. While mostly seen in towns like New York City, Las Vegas, or Hollywood, entertainment lawyers are not only a real type of lawyer, but practice a field of law that is quite competitive and costly. Entertainment attorneys specialize in the legalities of entertainment contracts. They help entertainers understand contracts regarding management, royalties, and basically anything that has to deal with the entertainment world. Most of us will never require the assistance of an entertainment lawyer.

3. Intellectual Property Lawyers: This type of lawyer represents clients in cases that deal with protecting individual ideas. It almost seems silly, but there are many times that two people (or businesses) will claim to have the same idea that was stolen by the other. In these cases, intellectual property attorneys will step in and handle the issue with it sometimes going through litigation. This type of law involves copyrights, patents, and trademarks. If a company feels that their trademark was misused by an individual, they would employ the services of an intellectual property lawyer. That’s why if you ever have an exceptional idea, it’s important to get it patented so you have a leg to stand on if someone else ever comes up with the same idea.

The range of lawyers is vast. The next time you see something about a type of lawyer you’ve never heard about, read up on it. You never know when you may require the services of some of these specialty lawyers.

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