Safeguarding & Enhancing Military Disability Evidence

Getting compensation or assistance for injuries sustained in military service isn’t always easy. Mistakes happen within the claims system, and with a constant flow of other veterans entering the system, your claim may be lost or incorrectly assessed in the process. Consider a few ways to keep your military disability claim prepared for acceptance or another appeal.

Make as Many Medical Copies as Possible

Paperwork gets lost; it’s a constant in administrative systems that can’t easily be avoided. Even if you have multiple copies of a paper medical record on hand, you’ll always need to be prepared to replace it at a moment’s notice.

Make sure to keep up with new information saving technology. Even though the world is well into online storage and mobile devices, the military and other government organizations might not be.

Don’t try to convert these newer formats on your own. Either take the data to an equipped professional with conversion experience or call ahead of time for a conversion appointment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you have paper copies, they can still be the most valuable version of your record. To be prepared for conversion failures and lost copies, make sure to make a digital copy of your information with a scanner.

Most basic printers come with a scanner and fax option, which allows you to make a copy of your record one sheet at a time. If you plan on scanning multiple pages on a regular basis, a feeding system scanner may be an economic choice.

For safety, try to have your record copied at a professional photo copier or scanning by hand at a home printer, preferably by someone with printer experience. Although the process is simple, it takes a specific type of computer knowledge to tweak the scan settings into something that works well.

Creating Video Claims Evidence

Although military disability, pension and other compensation programs require a specific format for submitting information, you can enhance your claim with videos.

To draw attention to your injuries and difficulties, recording of your medical visits and daily living struggles can offer additional insight into how detrimental the injuries are to your survival.

There is no specific rule for paying attention to videos or “creative” claims evidence, but being different from the other claims can help you stay in the minds of the people working every day on monotonous claims packages.

If you need assistance with framing injury claim videos with the best success, contact an injury and disability lawyer such as Michael W. Seckar P.C.

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