Introducing A New Approach To Divorce For Couples Who Are Tired Of Fighting, Want To Maintain Their Privacy And Save Money

A divorce does not have to be the messy battleground often witnessed in the media. By using a collaborative family attorney, couples can break up without destroying one another. These lawyers try to work out a divorce solution that leaves both parties placated. This method is far different from what some might consider the usual confrontational style of American law.

Here are three ways that the collaborative approach to family law is the best way to handle a divorce in the 21st century.

1. Collaboration Lessens Animosity

Contentious divorces can lead to a lifetime of animosity. One or both sides can feel that the other took advantage of the system. They may believe that their former spouse hired a “slick” attorney who gamed the system to win an advantage over them. This does not have to be the case.

There is no reason for domestic partners to leave a divorce proceeding angry. A collaborative divorce allows the splitting spouses to sit down and work out an equitable solution. Everyone involved has a responsibility to be open and honest about his or her intentions.

Since these are non-court hearings, the legal representatives do not have a duty to be necessarily adversarial. As always, the lawyers will protect their clients’ interests; however, unlike in court, this does not include weakening the other side’s positions.

In the end, the parties can be sure that they all received what they were due.

2. There is No Public Record

The internet has made it easy for anyone with a computer to access once privileged information. Before, a person would need to go to a courthouse to obtain family law records. Anyone who did would have to possess some extra incentive or motivation for doing so. Today, a mere online record search can divulge much about a couple’s private affairs.

Because a collaborative divorce is private, there is no public record in most cases. Former spouses, kids and witnesses will not have their names made accessible via an online search. Thus, bosses, coworkers and others, include the tabloids, cannot find out the outcome of the divorce, which could prove embarrassing.

3. These Divorces Are Cost Effective

American law can be expensive. It costs to file lawsuits. In contrast, held in the privacy of lawyers’ offices, private meeting rooms or boardrooms, collaborative divorces can prove financially less burdensome.

Most of the costs are in-house, meaning they can be assessed along with the attorney’s fees. A public divorce can require depositions, hearings, and evidence discoveries leading to a mountain of legal fees.  


Breaking up is never easy to do. Things may become more difficult when a couple find themselves at odds in family law court. Hiring an attorney willing to use a collaborative approach can prevent many of the problems arising out of contentious divorces. For more help, try speaking with a lawyer at a firm like Leonard & Kershaw about any questions you might have.

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